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Volume Five

March 2021

“Did you know” pursuant to ACJA § 7-201(E)(8), you can place your Arizona certificate on inactive status and still maintain your certification? 

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Volume Three

November 2020

Did you know there are a ton of resources and information that provide not only the rules that govern our profession, but great insights and helpful information? 

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Volume One

May 2018

Have you ever wondered why some reporters always have the answers?  No matter how obscure the rule, no matter how “insignificant” the question may seem, some reporters just know the answer or can point you to precisely the right place to find it. 

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Volume Four

January 2021

In this new era of remote depositions due to COVID-19, we as certified reporters continue to find ourselves looking for guidance and feeling our way through new procedures, new technology, and staying within our ethical duties. 

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Volume Two

June 2018

As stated in the previous version of “Did you Know,” the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure have undergone a thorough overhaul by the Arizona Supreme Court. Some of these changes took effect in January 2017; others will take effect in July 2018.

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