Arizona Temporary Contingent/Conditional Certifications

ACJA 7-201: Boards now may, but are not required to, direct applicants to be licensed or certified contingent on a clean background report. When the background report arrives following a Board decision and has no deficiencies, the Division will notify the applicant they can begin providing services. If the background report reveals deficiencies, the Division must bring the applicant back before the Board for consideration before the applicant can be authorized to provide services.

ARIZONA CODE OF JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATION Part 7: Administrative Office of the Courts; Chapter 2: Certification and Licensing Programs; Section 7-206: Certified Reporter


E: Initial Certification:

3. Examination Requirements for Initial Certification.

a. All applicants shall pass a written knowledge test of rules of the supreme court of Arizona and statutes of this state relating to certified reporters.

b. An applicant who fails to pass the written examination may apply for reexamination at any time.

4. An applicant shall perform the duties of the profession using only the method of reporting the applicant used to obtain certification.

5. Conditional Initial Certification. Conditional initial certification may be granted prior to receipt of state and federal record check results only for employment by the superior court as an official court reporter and authorizes the individual to provide reporting services only while acting in the course and scope of that employment. The board, upon a request from the Division, shall promptly meet to consider the request for conditional initial certification.

a. Except as otherwise set forth in this section, an individual granted conditional initial certification is subject to the professional and ethical responsibilities required by this code section.

b. Conditional initial certification terminates upon the occurrence of any of the following:

(1) Final action by the board granting or denying certification;

(2) Identification by division staff of any arrests or convictions that were not disclosed on the initial application; or

(3) Termination of superior court employment.

c. Conditional initial certification can be granted only if the applicant has submitted:

(1) A complete application for initial certification that contains no information that would preclude certification, with the initial certification fees required by ACJA § 7-206(K);

(2) Satisfactory evidence that the applicant is or will be employed by a superior court;

(3) Satisfactory proof of compliance with ACJA § 7-206(E)(1)(a) or (b), and (E)(3);

(4) A full set of fingerprints as required by ACJA § 7-206(E)(2) and A.R.S. § 32- 4021(A)(9);

(5) Written acknowledgement that the issuance of conditional initial certification has no precedential or evidential value in the Board’s determination to grant or to deny the person’s application for certification; and

(6) Written acknowledgment that the conditional initial certification immediately becomes null and void if the continuing background investigation identifies any arrests or convictions that were not disclosed on the initial application.

d. Applications for initial certification for individuals who have been granted conditional initial certification shall be considered at the next board meeting following receipt of the

Arizona Certification

In order to work as a court reporter in Arizona you must be certified by the CR Board which functions under the Judicial Branch of Arizona government.  You can find all the requirements at the link below.

Here is a link to the Arizona Judicial Branch website page, "Court Reporter Certification Program."

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