President's Annual Message

Well, here I am, President of the Arizona Court Reporters Association.  I have to say that I am happy to be in this position.  However, 20-some odd years ago, this was the last place I thought I’d ever be.  I remember being in court reporting school in Los Angeles.  I attended Bryan College.  As a student, I was lucky enough to attend at least two NCRA national conferences with a few other students from school.  It was always a wonderful learning experience.  I met seasoned reporters who were always so happy to see students attending the conferences.  I remember one day specifically as I was getting into the elevator with a group of reporters and they asked me where I worked.  I replied that I was a student.  Immediately they began chatting with me about what a wonderful profession court reporting is and how much they enjoyed seeing students attend these conferences because we were the future.


When we students returned to school after the weekend conference, other students asked about our experience.  I remember the student that attended with me – I remember her name was Lisa – she replied something along the lines of, well, you know, it was your typical rah rah session, nothing special.  At that moment I remember thinking to myself, what conference did she attend?  I immediately countered with stories of speaking with reporters and being excited about the up and coming technology and how exciting a career in court reporting can be. 

School was not easy.  It took me four years and two attempts to pass the RPR. I lived in California, and to work there you had to pass the California test.  That test was given twice a year. I had to take it five times.  But I did it.  Lisa never finished court reporting school.  I have no idea where she is now.  Attitude is everything.


I guess what I’m trying to say is attending those conferences as a young student I was in awe of the leadership and organization and enthusiasm of such accomplished professionals.  I was excited about a new career.


I’ve been on the Board for four years now.  Stepping into the presidency is somewhat intimidating, especially as I look around the room and see the past presidents.  And it’s not just the past presidents.  It’s the membership.  It’s all of you.  It’s all of us.  Take a look around for a minute.  We are awesome.  We truly are. 


And I’m not doing this alone.  We’ve got a wonderful group of professionals who have volunteered their time to participate on the Board this year.  I value and respect each one of you.  And the bottom line is you, the members, are the Arizona Court Reporters Association.  We, the Board, work for you.  Tell us your concerns, share your ideas.


We work for you, the members of the Arizona Court Reporters Association.  And we’ll do our best.  Let’s remember what it was like to be excited starting a new career in such an interesting field.  Go back to the awe you experienced as you interacted with seasoned reporters at the national conventions.  Now that we’re accomplished professionals, it’s time to be the inspiration for the future of court reporting.


We’ll always have our challenges in the field of court reporting, and together we can accomplish great things!  I’m looking forward to this coming year.  Attitude is everything.  Together let’s make it great!

Diane Donoho

NCRA Ethics First Supporter

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