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    • 09/15/2017
    • 1:00 PM
    • We-Ko-Pa Resort, 10438 N. Fort McDowell Road, Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, AZ
    Registration is closed

    ACRA is proud to present the THIRD ANNUAL JIM BOULEY MEMORIAL 


    • Qualified competitors shall be a member in good standing with NCRA, ACRA, or be an RPR or a certified reporter in your state of residence.
    • Registration fee: $40.00 through August 20; $60 August 21 and after.
    • All applicants should have registration forms completed by August 20 to ensure successful room and event booking confirmations.

    Hotel accommodations

    This event is being held in conjunction with our 2017 Annual Convention if you need to stay over.  Click here to go to We-Ko-Pa Resort reservation page for ACRA or call 480-789-5300.


    • Dictation will be done from taped material to avoid any dictating errors.


    • Literary at 220 wpm
    • Jury Charge at 240 wpm
    • Testimony/Q&A at 270 wpm


    • Contestants are given 90 minutes for each leg of the test.
    • No transcript will be rated that has more than 5% errors.
    • Testimony portion will be two-voice dictation, with Q’s and A’s neither counted nor read.
    • No tape recorders or recording devices are permitted in the exam room or the transcribing room.


    • All transcripts need to be labeled with your assigned number only. Transcripts with names on them will not be accepted.
    • One transcript needs to be submitted for each 5-minute take.
    • There will be a BACKUP printer, but contestants must bring their own.
    • Successful transcripts and shorthand notes become property of ACRA.
    • All other transcripts will be available for review after the announcement of the winners.


    • Contestants are not permitted in the grading room during grading process.
    • The contestant who qualifies on the 3 tests with the highest average for the 3 shall be declared champion.
    • Professionalism Barred: If requested, contestants must give to the committee satisfactory assurance that they have not received, directly or indirectly, any remuneration or promise of remuneration of whatever character for entering or winning any part of this contest.

    Decisions of committee are final

    • The members of the grading committee will be announced soon.


    • Champion’s name will be permanently inscribed on the ACRA Speed Contest Championship Traveling Trophy, which the winner may keep for one year, to be returned in advance of the contest the following year, where it once again will go to that next year’s champion.
    • The Champion will also receive a “keeper” 1st place trophy as well as a gold medal.
    • Second place will receive a silver medal.
    • Third place will receive a bronze medal.
    • Certificates for all who attain a 95% or higher.
    • Contest committee publishes those names in the next ArizoNotes newsletter and will update each year on the website.

    Obtaining PDCs

    • Credential holders who successfully complete a speed contest at or above the level of the RMR speeds may earn 0.25 PDC per leg. Per NCRA rules, only 1.0 PDC per cycle may be applied toward NCRA certification.
    • 09/16/2017
    • 7:30 AM
    • 09/17/2017
    • 12:30 PM
    • We-Ko-Pa Resort, 10238 N. Fort McDowell Road, Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, AZ

    Prepare for Success

    ACRA Annual Convention

    September 16 & 17, 2017

    We-Ko-Pa Resort in Scottsdale/Fountain Hills

    "Prepare for Success"

    Saturday, September 16, 2017

    8:30 AM to 10:00 AM

    COURSE:  Situational Awareness and Active Violence (Part 1)

    PRESENTER:  Jeff Jacobs

    CREDIT HOURS: 1.5 (.15 CEUs)

    DESCRIPTION:  We hear it all the time – “If you see something, say something.”  But how do we recognize when we’re in a situation that may be unsafe?  How do we keep ourselves and others around us safe?  Situational awareness is recognizing and responding to violence and knowing how to stay safe.  Jeff Jacobs will use the FBI/Homeland Security protocol called “Run, Hide, Fight” to teach us to be more aware of our situation and to know how to respond to active violence.

    10:30 AM to 12:00 NOON

    COURSE:  Situational Awareness and Active Violence (Part 2)

    PRESENTER:  Jeff Jacobs

    CREDIT HOURS: 1.5 (.15 CEUs)

    DESCRIPTION: (See above.)

    1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

    COURSE:  Motivation and Technology

    PRESENTER:  Kristin M. Anderson, CSR, RPR, FCRR

    CREDIT HOURS:  1.5 (.15 CEUs)

    DESCRIPTION:  Motivation is one of the strong components of success, and knowing how to keep yourself inspired is vital to ensuring the health of your career. Learn how to rekindle the spark in how you can deliver the best service possible to your clients, as well as potential clients.

    Today's new technology is yesterday's news. Staying at the top of your game is vital to your success in the court reporting and captioning arenas. Learn the tips and tricks for staying current with new technology to ensure that the services you provide your clients are supported by the latest in hardware and software products.

    3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

    COURSE:  Honing Your Skills with Realtime Coach

    PRESENTER:  Marybeth Everhart

    CREDIT HOURS:  1.5 (.15 CEUs)

    DESCRIPTION:  Marybeth will show you how you can improve your accuracy, increase your speed, and prepare for new certifications in as little as 15 minutes a day!  Improve your skills with less editing time, increased income potential, more free time, to name just a few.

    Sunday, September 17, 2017

    8:00 AM to 9:00 AM

    COURSE:  Ethics 101 – Know the Code

    PRESENTER:  Jimmy Cool

    CREDIT HOURS:  1 (.1 CEUs)

    DESCRIPTION:  The speaker will give his point of view on how court reporters should conduct themselves in an ethical and judicial manner in all proceedings.  Are you following the Code?

    9:15 AM to 10:45 AM

    COURSE:   Briefsanity

    PRESENTER:  Pam Mayer

    CREDIT HOURS:  1.5 (.15 CEUs)

    DESCRIPTION:  How many great new briefs can you learn in 90 minutes?  Come and find out as Pam Mayer shares her passion for briefing.  Decrease your stroke count and write more efficiently with new ways to eliminate those extra strokes!

     11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

    COURSE:  Jeopardy Game

    CREDIT HOURS:  1.5 (.15 CEUs)

    DESCRIPTION:  Test your knowledge of legal and medical terminology, the Arizona Code, and other trivia in the court reporting world!  As we discover the answers, we’ll also discuss current questions and issues.

    The Venue:

    The fabulous We-Ko-Pa Resort in Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, Arizona, is the site for our 2017 Annual Convention. For room reservations at our $99.00 ACRA rate click here or call 480-789-5300.  Cut-off date for the ACRA rate is August 15. For more information about the resort, click here.


    The Fun:

    There will be lots of games, raffles, and socializing.  Two continental breakfasts, breaks, and lunch will be provided.


    Court reporting students are welcome to attend this event without charge.  By registering, students commit to attend all or a portion of the seminars.  When registering, use the code "STUDENT" to access the form.
    If you would like to contribute to the Student Attendance Fund to defray the cost of these lunches, click here, and thank you!

    Event Sponsorships:

    ACRA depends on the financial support of our sponsors to be able to provide quality programming for our events.  Please consider being a sponsor. Whether big or small, it is all appreciated.
    Want to see the several ways you can sponsor this event?  Click here.

    Prize and Raffle Donations:

    Our raffles provide us with a lot of fun at our events, and they also help to offset some of our expenses so we can provide excellent programs.  We would love to know ahead of time what raffle items or cash you can contribute.
    Want to donate a cash prize or a raffle item?  Click here.

    Exhibitors & Vendors:

    From keeping up with advancements in technology all the way to finding that perfect set of earrings, our exhibitors and vendors provide us with a wonderful array of goods.
    To register as an Exhibitor or Vendor, click here.

    Printable Registration Form:

    Click here to download a printable form that you can FAX or mail in.

    Registrations after Sunday, September 10 will include a $30 late fee.  Register early!

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